Building on several years of experience designing, implementing and supporting enterprise software systems, I recently took the MITx Intro to Computer Science and Programming in Python course and then Burlington Code Academy's three-month full-stack web development bootcamp. At this point, I'm having fun primarily with JavaScript, Node, React, Vue and Material Design CSS frameworks.

Argus HR

This is a simple HR management app with email authentication I made using Node, Vue, Chart.js, Materialize CSS and FireStore. You can login as "abc@abc.com" with password "123456" if you don't feel like signing up. The app is hosted on Heroku and the code is here on GitHub.

Shiny Happy Meetups

This is a responsive meetup-style app I made using Node, Loopback, React, Materialize CSS and MongoDB. The app is hosted on IBM Cloud and the database on mLab. The code is here on GitHub.

Hacker News

This is a Hacker News client I made using React. It fetches data from an Algolia Search API. The app is hosted on Netlify and the code is here on GitHub. Guidance from The Road to Learn React by Robin Wieruch.

Nimble Health

Katie Yawney, Jake Durell and I created the software for Nimble Health, a transportation service for health care providers that ensures patients have the transportation they need to reach their appointments. Using Node, Express, Google Maps, Bootstrap and MongoDB we developed separate interfaces for the two main user types - administrators and drivers. The driver interface is optimized for mobile devices.